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More to the mortgage story

The New York Times on Monday ran a piece by Yves Smith that unfortunately tells only a small part of the story when it comes to mortgages.

For example, Smith neglects to explain that, while the vast majority of homeowners in the United States are current on their mortgages, the foreclosures he rails against are happening to people who have not made any monthly payments for as long as two years. Continue reading

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S&P Report: Improved Lending Standards Make Sense

What is responsible for the current mortgage situation? As this Financial Times article points out, “Homeowners with little equity are more than twice as likely to fall behind on mortgage payments than those who put down at least a quarter of the purchase price.” Continue reading

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Credit is Available, Lenders are Careful: Tips to Get a Mortgage in Today’s Economy

As this article from Kiplinger’s Personal Finance – published in the Washington Post — offers tips for how to get the best mortgage and credit card rates in today’s economy. Continue reading

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HAMP helped prevent foreclosures

Did the efforts of the Home Affordable Modification Program help homeowners regain financial stability and rally private markets to prevent foreclosures?

According to those who testified before the Congressional Oversight Panel, the answer is yes. Continue reading

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