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Unintended consequences of credit card regulation

Professor Todd Zywicki at the George Mason University School of Law makes a a number of good points in the Wall Street Journal about how new federal limits on credit-card issuers have forced more Americans to go to payday lenders, pawn shops and local loan sharks in order to get credit. Continue reading

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Federal Reserve Report: Banks increasing access to loans

Good news: The Federal Reserve confirms that banks are increasing access to loans for consumers and businesses. According to the just-released Federal Reserve’s most recent Senior Loan Officer Survey, in the third quarter of 2010, large banks made it easier to receive a loan in nearly every category of borrowing. Continue reading

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Credit is Available, Lenders are Careful: Tips to Get a Mortgage in Today’s Economy

As this article from Kiplinger’s Personal Finance – published in the Washington Post — offers tips for how to get the best mortgage and credit card rates in today’s economy. Continue reading

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