Financial Literacy

Economic security and empowerment begins with financial literacy. The Roundtable and its member organizations have a long history of supporting financial literacy initiatives and believe consumers deserve to make informed financial choices and decisions. Through various partnerships with non-profit groups and its member organizations, the Roundtable does just that. In 2009, Roundtable member companies completed over 26,000 financial education programs across the country.

This work is part of the Roundtable’s Community Service initiative, which has a year-round focus on financial literacy. The Roundtable and its member companies consistently commit resources to ensure that all Americans have the financial tools and resources they need to make important personal financial decisions.

The Roundtable’s Financial Literacy initiatives include:

  • Sponsoring innovative web-based financial literacy curriculum in America’s public schools.
  • In April, the Roundtable commemorates Financial Literacy Month by highlighting financial literacy projects across America.
  • The “Leadership in Financial Literacy Award,” which is presented to Roundtable member institutions for their significant contributions to financial literacy efforts in the communities they serve.
  • Partnership with civic organizations such as Junior Achievement to educate youth about financial literacy.
  • Through our partnerships with Operation HOPE, which focuses on financial literacy and economic empowerment:
  1. Roundtable member institutions have provided funding for the development and operations of the Operation HOPE Financial Literacy Empowerment Center at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia.
  2. The Framework for Financial Literacy, a five-year agreement to promote and support financial literacy through the financial services community via volunteerism and community outreach.
  • Providing consumers with access to free financial literacy curricula and resources on The Roundtables personal finance website

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