Recent Cyber-Attacks: What to Know and How to React

1)       Banks have been targeted in the past month by cyber-attacks.

  • Called “a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack”, it works by blocking legitimate customers trying to use the bank’s website, often resulting in slower than normal online interactions.

2)       Your information is secure.

  • The attacks do NOT involve a data breach or hacking.

3)       We want you to feel safe online.

  • Bank employees are working hard to ensure you have access to normal, safe and consistent online financial services.

4)       Bank systems are secure.

  • Although you might encounter a slow connection, the banks systems are still secure.

5)       Security is a layered system.

  • Banks use sophisticated online security strategies to protect customer accounts.

6)       Collaboration is key.

  • Banks are collaboratively with other institutions to share information
  • Government officials are collaborating with the financial services industry to find proactive solutions.

7)       You can still bank!

  • While the online functionality may be temporarily limited, customers can still process transactions through a bank’s call center, or by visiting a branch.

8)       Make sure you are protected.

  • You can help stave off cyber threats by ensuring that your virus protection is up-to-date.
  • Check your Password Strength and make sure that your online passwords are strong.

9)       Share the news.

  • By sharing the above information with your friends and family, you can help mitigate these service outages, and make your online experience even safer.
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