Financial Literacy Improves at Slow Pace

Financial literacy has improved in the United States school system, with 13 states now requiring students to take a personal finance course as a high school graduation requirement; up from seven states in 2007.   

Even with state support, however, nearly half of students feel financially unprepared, especially with using debt wisely (28%), saving for the future (40%), or investing their money (43%).  The crux of the issue lies with limited educational material, with 41% of financial literacy teachers identifying that as one of the major obstacles preventing successful financial literacy education. 

The Financial Services Roundtable has identified 36 free programs that can be used in classrooms and at home.  With 22 of these curriculums having online compatibility and six of them providing free volunteer tutors, they present an ideal framework to improve the financial literacy of students and families, alike. 

This Roadmap for Financial Literacy can be found online at:

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