10 Ways to Protect Yourself From Computer Fraud

  1. Install and keep anti-virus/anti-spyware software updated on your computer and phone.
  2. Only do business with trusted firms.  Do not open email attachments or click links from unknown sources.
  3. Don’t store personal or business information, passwords or account numbers online.
  4. Use a secure web connection – look for https:// in the browser – before conducting business online.
  5. Use a firewall to protect your PC.
  6. Turn on automatic patching of your operating system and regularly update you software applications.
  7. Secure your wireless router by employing a firewall, using strong passwords and enabling wireless encryption (such as WPA or WPA2).
  8. Create account passwords that use 8+ characters in a combination of letters, numbers, upper and lowercase and symbols. 
  9. When you bank online, remain at your computer until the transaction is completed and sign off completely when finished.
  10. Don’t provide personal information online unless you know where it is going and what it will be used for. Review privacy policies and website certificates.

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