Richard Davis Defends Banking Profession

In a time when scrutiny of the banking system and its professionals has reached its peak, Richard Davis calls for pause in a recent American Banker article.  Davis argues that the constant negative light that is shed on the banking system is generalized to embody every banker, which misrepresents the professions of many decent men and women. 

“There’s no better time than right now for young people (or anyone) to come into this industry and be on the forefront of historic change. . . ”

“Ongoing and repeated negative sentiment about the banking profession perpetuates the inaccurate beliefs that cause far too many to question our role as trusted advisers and honest brokers in Americans’ lives.”

“[. . .] at yearend 2010 well over 2 million people were employed by the many banking companies in the United States.  Two million people who approve small-business loans, [. . .] help corporations expand and create new jobs, volunteer in their communities and make it possible to build affordable housing for seniors.”

“It is [. . .] time that we start defending our banking profession, the hard-working bankers and the contributions of our industry.”

“Real banking is still a career choice and a profession in which the best and the smartest, as well as the most positive and principled, can make a real difference in their communities and in their country.”

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