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Small Business Owners’ Outlook Improves

The 2011 U.S. Bank Small Business Annual Survey shows that the perception of the economy and the banking industry, in general, has improved since last year.  Small business owners recognize signs of improvement and a stabilizing job outlook, with a … Continue reading

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Free Trade Agreements Essential to American Vitality

What do 67 freshman Republican, the New Democrat Coalition, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Ways & Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp have in common? They are all advocating for rapid implementation of America’s three outstanding trade agreements: Colombia, Panama, and South Korea from 2007. Failure to … Continue reading

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Changes to Money Market Funds Effects Stability

The popularity of money market funds is owed to their relative simplicity, liquidity and security for investors.  Over $2.7 trillion are invested into these types of funds throughout the U.S. The capability of money market funds to remain stable at … Continue reading

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Nobel Winning Analyst Warns Against Capital Requirements

Myron Scholes, a Nobel prize-winning quantitative analyst, warns that requiring banks to hold too much capital will result in more volatile financial markets. “If you restrict or require more capital of banks, what will happen is that they have to … Continue reading

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BITS President Leigh Williams Discusses Cybersecurity

BITS President Leigh Williams spoke to NPR Tuesday morning regarding industry support for the White House cybersecurity proposal and the need for a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity legislation. The Administration’s comprehensive proposal for cybersecurity is an excellent opportunity to bring multiple industries, multiple … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Protect Yourself From Computer Fraud

Install and keep anti-virus/anti-spyware software updated on your computer and phone. Only do business with trusted firms.  Do not open email attachments or click links from unknown sources. Don’t store personal or business information, passwords or account numbers online. Use … Continue reading

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Industry Recommendations to Reduce Malware

“Taking an ecosystem view is imperative. Our security work focuses on collaboration between financial services and others to protect the cyber ecosystem – a critical endeavor for the industry, the economy and for national security.” –Greg Rattray, BITS SVP of … Continue reading

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Retirement Savings Threatened by Proposed Rule

Individual retirement accounts (IRAs) are the fastest growing accounts in the United States and currently hold a larger portion of retirement assets than pension funds.  However, a recent proposal has been made by the Department of Labor’s Employee Benefits Security … Continue reading

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Richard Davis Defends Banking Profession

In a time when scrutiny of the banking system and its professionals has reached its peak, Richard Davis calls for pause in a recent American Banker article.  Davis argues that the constant negative light that is shed on the banking … Continue reading

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Working Past Retirement: New Gallup Survey

A recent poll from Gallup finds that 63% of Americans will continue to work at least part-time following retirement. That same poll finds that 18% will work full time past retirement age. Read more.

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