Bartlett/Dalton Letter to Gang of Six on Deficit Reduction

May 3, 2011

Dear Senators Chambliss, Coburn, Conrad, Crapo, Durbin and Warner:

We strongly support your efforts to develop a bipartisan deficit reduction plan that will put our Nation on the path to long term fiscal responsibility and stability.

We write as a Republican and a Democrat who are active in our parties, but who believe that bipartisan cooperation and compromise will be essential to address the fiscal crisis our country faces. We are pleased that the Administration and members of Congress in both parties are now debating the very difficult issues that must be addressed to reduce our annual deficits and put our government on a sustainable financial path. The bipartisan work of your “Gang of Six” is essential to developing balanced ideas for a long-term deficit reduction agreement that addresses all areas of the federal budget.

We urge you to continue your bipartisan work, and we want to express our support and admiration for the task you have undertaken. We look forward to the Gang of Six’s recommendations and hope they can help the Congress and the Administration reach agreement on meaningful budget and deficit reduction legislation.

We wish you the best of luck in your efforts.

With best wishes,

Steve Bartlett, President and CEO, The Financial Services Roundtable

John H. Dalton, President, Housing Policy Council of The Financial Services Roundtable

About Steve Bartlett

Steve Bartlett is President and CEO of The Financial Services Roundtable, and has served in that role since June 1999. Previously, he was the Mayor of Dallas, Texas (1991-95), a Member of the United States Congress (1983-91), and on the Dallas City Council (1977-81). At The Financial Services Roundtable, Mr. Bartlett has had a major impact on legislation including Gramm-Leach-Bliley, E-SIGN, the 2001-2003 Tax Cuts, the Fact Act (FCRA), Class Action Reform, consumer bankruptcy reform, regulatory reform and TARP.
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